Article and response to a World childless week – 11th-17th september 2017

Yes one of my biggest struggles now being older and not having the family I longed for yet is not feeling like a failure as a woman, mother and wife. I had a stillborn son in April 2025 at 35 weeks and the grief of being weeks from having the child FINALLY and having that just torn away is impossible to put into words. It’s been a process to recover and reconnect to a life I worked so hard to get stable and healthy. To be back at a whole new stage 1 and battling with fertility issues and trying to make peace about maybe not having a living child and being just my husband and I forever has not been easy or kind. It’s hard to hang your hat on the childfree women peg and still be TRYING to have more children, but in fact I am a part of the “club” still and don’t feel I really fit anywhere as I wear so many hats in this one area of who makes me a strong loving woman and mother.

 Much love to other women out there struggling with all these different facets of your identity and wishes for your own life.


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