#30DayWritingChallengeForStillbirthMothers – Day 28: Jewelry I wear in memory of you

Hoban I have several special memorial jewelry pieces. The first one your dad made for us from beads that the maternal counsellor and former teacher of his at school here gave us. He made one for you and one for us that we have with your bear.

At your funeral service a friend of ours gifted us some other bead bracelets with your name that she made. I wear it pretty often. There is one for each of us, dad and I. There are also one for each of the grandmothers. She made them after her sister had a pregnancy loss years ago and started making them. It was so sweet and we love them. Even your very manly dad wears his sometimes.

Your father and I ordered some memorial jewelry through the funeral home. Mine is an actual urn with some of your ashes, an engraving of your photo and your death and birth details. Dad’s is a dog-tag style with the same picture and your birth/death details.

This past Christmas I ordered a sterling silver baby footprint shaped ring with what was supposed to be your birthstone- an emerald, in it. It has your first name and initials D.J. for Dax James, and your death date on it- 04/ 17/ 2015. Ten days before your dad’s birthday. You were an early Christmas present surprise and then an early birthday present. I love the ring!

For my birthday in July dad bought me a USB drive memorial pendant with a video of you and one for Whisp on it. It was so touching and beautiful. Yes it made me cry, but I just miss and love you both so much! All my boys are gone now between you, Whisp my first/our cat and Marley my dog. Now we’re a house of women and I think it drives your dad crazy sometimes. I believe dad bought the locket from the same store who did my ring. They do a lot of memorial jewelry and the quality is really good, but it is slow as it’s from Korea or Hong Kong.

I plan to get more jewelry pieces but those are the ones so far. Next I think it will be a family birthstone ring. I have wanted one for years!


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